Tuesday, July 1, 2014

MultiSearch the library search engine has been upgraded

Summon™ the web-scale discovery service that powers our “MultiSearch" library search engine has a new updated version.

The new version, Summon™ 2.0, provides a new modern interface with enhanced features. It is so much more than a single search box…. it serves as a front door to our collections.

It's designed with mobile in mind! Summon™ 2.0 is responsive to different devices, creating a seamless experience whether you are using your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Summary of changes:
  • Streamlined, modern interface 
  • Summon Topic Explorer - 50,000 topics to guide users in the right direction 
  • Scholar Profiles – 3.1 million profiles for key authors and researchers; promotes exploration and collaboration 
  • Automated Query Expansion – Includes additional keywords and spelling variations. For example: a search for "heart attack" would include results for "myocardial infarction" 
  • Search Suggestions – encourage exploration of related concepts 
  • Content spotlighting – visually distinguishes images, newspapers articles and reference content with dynamic display 
  • Best Bets recommendations – instructs and guide users to the right resources and information 
  • Database recommender – recommendations to lead users to subject specific databases 

The url is the same so go the library website (http://library.gmit.ie/) and try it today or go to: http://gmit.summon.serialssolutions.com/

The familiar "MultiSearch" features will still be there - search refinement, abstract preview, saved items folder and links to full text.

Happy searching!

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